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Metrotek is a Fiber Optic specialty Distributor with a large inventory of Fiber Optic equipment, supplies and accessories. We carry Connectors, Adaptors, Cable Assemblies, Attenuators, Links, Splices, Tools, Test Equipment and almost any fiber optic product used in the Telecom or Datacom industries. Browse our complete product listing with links to specific product information.

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Fiber Optic Product Catalog

Metrotek's Product Offering

Active Componets

Analog Links
|DC to 1MHz|0-10Vdc| Contact Closure|

|Airgap|Bulkhead|In-line|Buildout|SM Digital|SM/MM Variable|

Cable & Cable Assemblies
|Simplex|Duplex|Multifiber|Indoor|Outdoor|Buffered|Bare Fiber|

Computer Interfaces
|USB|Firewire|VGA/RGB Video/Data/Audio|

Connectors & Adapters
|Hybrid|Bare fiber|Field Installable|

Converters (Multimode to Singlemode)
|2.5Mbps|5Mbps|165Mbps|200Mbps|165Mbps with WDM|

|Singlemode &Multimode|Singlemode Trees & Stars|Singlemode WDM|C/L Band|Tap|

Digital Links
|RS-232 4 & 8 channel Multiplexer|T1/E1 4 channel Multiplexer|

|Courses|Books|Training Videos|Experiments|Classroom Demonstration|


|Tools|Splice|Bare Fiber Adapter|Connector|Cleaning|Polishing|

Polarization Maintaining Products
|Fibers|Fixed & Variable Couplers|Controler|WDM's|

Specialty Fiber
|Singlemode (450nm, 600nm, 750nm, 800nm & 1000nm)|
|Fiber Amplifiers (Erbium doped and Erbium doped for undersea applications)|

Specialty Products
|Phase Shifter|Laser Diode Controllers|Rotary Joints|Large Beam Collimator|Attenuating Fibers|Isolators|

Splices & Accessories
|Mechanical|Splice Holders|Splice Trays|Fusion Splicers|Electrodes|
|Splice Re-coater|Fusion Splice Protectors|

|Epoxy|Cleaners|Dispensers|Polish Films|Can Air|Index Matching Gel|

|1x2|1xN|NxN|Network A/B & A/B/C|100baseT to Fiber 1x2 1x4 1x8|

|Telephone/Data Multiplexer |Voice Link |Telephone/Ethernet Multiplexer|

Termination Equipment & Accessories
|Pulling Eyes|Cable Breakouts|Cabinets|Fixed Panel System|

Test Equipment
|Power Meters|Light Sources|Signal Locators|Fault Finders|Talk Sets|Pulse Suppressor|
|Return Loss Test Set|Visual Tracer| Fusion Splicers|Polishing Machine|

|Polishing Pucks|Strippers|Shears|Crimp|Cleavers|Piano Wire|Microscopes|Ovens|

Video Links
|Single Channel|RGB|Composite A/D|Serial Digital|4 Channel Mux|FM Video/Audio/Data|

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Metrotek is Located at: 6880 46th Ave. N., Suite 100

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