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Fitel Ribbon/Single Fiber Cleaver

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Fitel's S323 Cleaver is your solution for safe ribbon and single strand fiber cleaving. The S323 cleaver is a four step cleaver designed to cleave single strand fibers and up to 12 ribbon fibers while keeping your work space free of dangerous waste fiber. The S323 cleaver incorporates a unique automatic waste fiber collection system that automatically deposits waste fiber into a waste chamber and has a locking blade that prevents double scoring, it automatically snaps the fiber upon releasing which ensures consistently good cleaves. With the addition of the high strength adapter kit , it can be used for high strength cleaving. The S323A will cleave 125µ single fibers with 250µ and 900µ coatings with a fixed length of 16mm and a adjustable 3-20mm scale. The S323B has the same adjustable feature with a fixed length of 10mm. Optional holders are available for 12, 8, 6, 4 or 2 fibers. 

Part Number  Description 
S323A  16mm Fixed and adjustable 
S323B  10mm Fixed and adjustable 
S706A-012  Optional 12 Fiber Ribbon Holder 
S706A-008  Optional 8 Fiber Ribbon Holder 
S706A-006  Optional 6 Fiber Ribbon Holder 
S706A-004  Optional 4 Fiber Ribbon Holder 
S706A-002  Optional 2 Fiber Ribbon Holder 
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