Rainbow Bar

Thermal Fiber Optic Stripper

Rainbow Bar
Cordless, Light, Quick
When you need a cordless, light weight, quick strip solution the S218 optical fiber stripper efficiently solves your problems. This thermal fiber stripper removes the coating of single fibers as well, as ribbon fibers (2-12 fibers). Fitels S218S thermal stripper can strip off 23-35mm of 250µm to 400µm coatings from single fibers and ribbon fibers from 300µm to 400µm thick. The S218A comes complete with all accessories (Battery, Battery Charger, DC & AC adapters) just order the appropriate fiber holder and you are ready to begin stripping!
  • Applicable for a single fiber and up to 12 fiber ribbon
  • Runs continuously from a slot in battery for up to 8 hours per charge.
  • Power options are AC, DC or battery
  • 10 to 20 second quick heat up.
  • Auto power save and power off.
  • Indicator light flashes to prompt user to begin pulling motion.
  • Light Weight, less then half a pound (with DC adapter)
S218A  Thermal Stripper 
S705s-025  Single Fiber Holder 
S706A-012  12 Fiber Ribbon Holder 
S706A-012  12 Fiber Ribbon Holder 
S706A-008  8 Fiber Ribbon Holder 
S706A-004  4 Fiber Ribbon Holder 
S706A-002  2 Fiber Ribbon Holder 
S941  Extra Battery 
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