Polarization Fiber for For High Temperatures

Conventional acrylate coatings have a temperature ceiling of c. 85 oC and must be applied to thicknesses of at least 40 mm to provide adequate mechanical protection. HB-P is coated with a 15 mm layer of polyimide - a high performance polymer used throughout the electronics industry. The result is a fibre of significantly reduced cross-sectional area ('Low Profile') which can withstand temperatures as high as 400oC.

HB-P is particularly suited to embedded 'Smart-Skins' type applications because of its low-profile, which helps to maintain composite strength, through reduction in the area of the Resin Rich Zone ('RRZ'), and ability to withstand the curing temperatures of even the highest performance laminates.


HB800P HB1250P
Design Wavelength1 830 nm 1300 nm
Cut-off Wavelength600-800nm 1030-1270nm
Numerical Aperture0.16 ± 10%
Attenuation2 < 5 dB/km < 2 dB/km
Beat-Length3 < 2 mm
Proof Test 0.5% strain (50 kpsi stress)
Outside Diameter4 (Fibre) 125 µm +/- 1% (RMS)
Core Cladding Concentricity < 1.0 µm
Outside Diameter (Coating) 245 µm ± 5%
1. The Design Wavelength is the wavelength (or wavelengths) at the which the fibre is typically used. In practice, the fibre will transmit a TEM00 mode at any wavelength within an operating window extending approximately 200 nm from the cut-off wavelength.
2. Attenuation is quoted for the shortest Design wavelength.
3. Beat-length is measured at 633 nm for all fibre types. To a first approximation, beat-length scales directly with operating wavelength.
4. Localised, peak-to-peak variations of up to 3% may be experienced.

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