Rainbow Bar

Noyes 200x Fiber Microscope

Rainbow Bar
  • Rugged Handheld Design

  • 200X

  • Universal Adapter Interface

  • Laser Safety Filter Installed
The OFS 300 is a versatile instrument for the inspection of optical fiber connectors. By employing a universal adapter mount, the OFS 300 offers the ability to inspect virtually any connector style for scratches, dirt, or other problems normally associated with poor transmission performance. Two models of the OFS 300 are available. The OFS 300-200C offers precision 200x magnification to easily inspect both multimode and singlemode fiber optic connectors. The OFS 300 offers 60 hours of continuous battery life. A low battery indicator will flash when approximately 8 hours of optimum brightness remains, reducing the risk of eye strain. Various adapter caps are available to convert the mount to the desired connector style. The OFS 300-200C uses the same common threaded connector adapter caps as the Noyes Optical Power Meters and Loss Test Sets. The OFS 300-200C is shipped with a 2.5mm universal adapter cap and holster.
Magnification  200x 
Adapter Mount  Thread-on 
Operating Temp  0 to +50° C 
Storage Temp  -20 to +50°C  
Safety Filter  Schott KG3 
Power  2 AA Alkaline Batteries 
Weight  1.5 lbs (.67 kg) 
Size (HxWxD)  5x2x8 in. (13x5x20 cm) 
2460-10-0001  Spare Bulb 
1400-01-0005  Soft Carry Case 
OFSI-00-0100  Hard Carry Case 
2900-10-0001  Tripod Stand 
1400-01-0025  Holster 
2900-10-0004  20x Eye Piece 
8800-00-0224  1.25mm Universal   8800-00-0214  2.5mm Universal  
8800-00-0200  FC  8800-00-0209  SC 
8800-00-0202  ST  8800-00-0221  E2000 
8800-00-0204  Biconic  8800-00-0203  SMA  
8800-00-025  LC Simplex/Duplex  8800-00-0219  Backplane SC 
8800-00-0212  Radiall PFO/VFO  8800-00-210  ESCON 
8800-00-0211  DIN47256  8800-00-0205  FDDI 
8800-00-0201  D4  8800-00-0223  1000mm 
8800-00-0226  MU Simplex  8800-00-0230  MT-RJ (A side) 
8800-00-0231  MT-RJ (B side)  8800-00-032  Nickel Silver 2.5mm 
8800-00-0236  Backplane 1.25mm  8800-00-0240  Hughes 1.6mm 
8800-00-0215  FDDI Kit  8800-00-0218  Angled FC 
8800-00-0220  Angled SC  8800-00-0229  Angled E-2000 
8800-00-0233  MTP 0°  8800-00-0234  MTP 8° 
8800-00-0235  SMC 0°  8800-00-0237  MPX 
8800-00-0238  Angled MPX  8800-00-0239  RCG 
8800-00-0240  Huhes 1000mm  8800-00-0241  0° MT Ferrule 
8800-00-0242  8° MT Ferrule     
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