Rainbow Bar

Portable AC/DC Connector Curing Oven

Rainbow Bar
The goal of most fiber optic connector companies has been to develop a fast and simple termination. The typical epoxy/polish connector is inexpensive, relatively easy to terminate, produces low losses and high reliability, but is perceived as being slow to terminate and requires long epoxy curing times. This is not actually the case.

Patchcord manufacturers have always used curing ovens to speed the process. Using a temperature of about 90° Celsius, epoxies can be cured in 5-10 minutes. Unfortunately, the ovens they use are large, heavy, must be calibrated for temperature and require of AC power to heat up. They are fine for a cable assemble production facility but offer little for the field technician.

For those that need to use an oven in the field we offer the first oven designed for field termination of cables with epoxy/polish connectors. The has several unique features that make it the best choice for field termination.
By working with connector and epoxy manufacturers, we were able to develop a system for termination that provides high yield, low loss, and high reliability with a cure time of only 5-10 minutes.

  • Cures low cost epoxy/polish connectors
  • Terminates 6 connectors simultaneously
  • Short cure times, 5-10 minutes typical
  • Fits ST, SC, FC and most other connector styles
  • No controls, fixed constant temperature of 90°C
  • Power
    • AC adapter (included)
    • 12 VDC adapter (included) i
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