Rainbow Bar

CT-20 High Precision Cleaver

Rainbow Bar
The CT-20 fiber cleaver from AFL Telecommunications has the capability to cleave both single fibers and ribbons as large as 24 fibers. Variants of this cleaver incorporating either single-fiber adapters or use of ribbon fiber holders make for a versatile design suitable for all AFL Telecommunications fusion splicers. A 16-position blade will yield 48,000 single-fiber cleaves or 2,000 24-fiber cleaves before requiring replacement. The lightweight feature of this cleaver, combined with its easy, one step, and ergonomic operation make the CT-20 both field friendly and suitable for factory splicing conditions, with minimal operator experience. An optional fiber collector safely handles and stores cleave scraps.
  • Features:
    • One-step operation
    • Optional scrap collector
    • Lightweight
    • Long-life blade
  • Application:
    • Cleaving single and ribbon optical fibers in the field or factory environments

Ordering Information
Model #  Part #  Application  Holder/Adapter  Cleave Length 
CT-20  SO12736  Ribbon Fiber (up to 24 fiber)  FSM-30R/40R Fiber Holder  10µm 
CT-20-11  SO12744  Single Fiber:
    250µm to 900µm
    125µm to 140µm cladding
AD-11 Adapter Plate  250µm to 900µm:16mm
CT-20-12  SO12740  Single Fiber:
    250µm to 900µm
    125µm to 140µm cladding 
AD-12 Adapter Plate  900µm:10mm-20mm 
CT-28 SO13232 80µm Cladded Fibers FSM-40F/40PM Fiber Holder
AD-11/12 Sold Separately
9mm for Glass Clamping
(8mm & 10mm optional)
4mm for Coating Clamp.
(3mm & 5mm optional)

Size (WxDxH)  10mm X 76mm X 49mm
(4.3" X 2.99" X 1.9")
Weight  370g 12.8oz  
Blade Lifetime  48,000 fiber cleaves
(2,000 24 fiber cleaves) 
Cleave Angle  Typically <0.5°  
For more information, contact:
Phone: (727) 547-8307
Fax: (727) 547-0687

E-mail: fiberoptics@metrotek.com

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