TIA-950 O/E ConverterTIA-950 Optical to Electrical Converter


Fast- up to a 750 MHz bandwidth, InGaAs Detector for 900 to 1700 nmwavelengths.

want8 GHz? try TIA-1200

Selectablegain switch - X1 and X10

Poweredby an internal 9 volt batteryor AC Adapter - adaptation precludesuse of battery

Drives50 ohm load                          ACor DC coupling - switch selected

FCfiber optic receptacle       metalcase for better shielding         Patchcordsand adapters are available

 The TIA-950 optical receiver is a convenient, easy to use "fiber optic oscilloscope probe" Designed for universal use with almost all manufacturer's oscilloscopes and digitizers, it is an outstanding tool in the lab or in the field. Quick checks of a laser source, optical transmitter, or the output of a fiber optic communications link is now possible. Communications use includes viewing of optical signal characteristics such as waveform shape, "eye pattern", and signal amplitude.

This compact unit can be attached to the BNC input of your oscilloscope. Simply energize the battery powered unit and a faithful reproduction of the optical signal is presented on your oscilloscope's screen.The usefulness of the TIA-950 is further enhanced with switch selectable gain settings and AC and DC coupling. Being battery powered and encased in metal, excellent shielding is obtained to give true electrical isolation. With a peak response value of 12000 volts per watt, the TIA-950 outperforms units costing hundreds more.

Carrying/Storage case incl.

(shown with optional adapter & extra battery)


Complete Data Sheetavailable in .pdf format. Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader to view.HTMLversion available

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