TIA-500 O/E Converter TIA-500 Optical to Electrical Probe

Storage Case(shownwith optional adapter and extra battery)


Comparison chart of ourO/E Converters


DC to 125 MHz Bandwidth Need 750 MHz? see our TIA-950, 8GHz, try TIA-1200

Less than 3 pA/Root Hz RMS Noise        Selectable gain settings range from1 KV/W to 100 KV/W

Powered by internal 9 V long life lithiumbattery - Available AC Wall Mount Supply - adaptation for AC supplyprecludes use of battery

Capable of driving a 50 ohm load        InGaAs or Si versions available foruse at all fiber optic wavelengths

AC or DC coupling          ST or FC connectors available Mountsdirectly on scope input     

   Fiber optic patchcords available tointerface with other connector types

Low Cost

 The TIA-500 optical receiver is a convenient, easy to use optical to electrical converter. It is extremely useful in a variety of laboratory and field service situations where a quick check of the operation of a laser source, optical transmitter, or the output of a fiber optic communications link is required.

The use of surface-mount construction techniques permits the unit to be mounted directly on the vertical input BNC connector of your oscilloscope or digitizer. Simply energize the battery powered unit and the optical signal presented to the fiber input port is faithfully reproduced on the oscilloscope screen.

CompleteData Sheet availablein .pdf format. Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader to view. HTML version available

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