TIA-1200 Optical to Electrical Converter

TIA-1200Fiber Optic Oscilloscope Probe / Optical to Electrical Converter

 Wavelength Response1 µm - 1.6 µm    Active Area Diameter50 µm

 BatteryOperation for Electrical Isolation(9 volt Lithium - 500 hour operation) 

 Bandwidthto 8 GHZ, Minimum 5 GHz(-3dB) - other versions TIA-500, TIA-950 

        SMAOutput Electrical Connector

 FCStyle Fiber Optic Input Connector      PeakResponsivity Values - 0.7 A/W

 The TIA-1200 is an instrument for the laboratory and field use. This unamplified optical - electrical converter can be used with a wide range of oscilloscopes and digitizers to provide the utility of an easy to use fiber optic probe. Energizing the unit, the optical signal presented to it is faithfully reproduced on the CRT of an oscilloscope or digitizer.

Applications for this instrument include: checking the output of fiber optic communications links, data links, fiber optic computer networks, the operation of laser sources, and the signal from an optical transmitter. Patch cords with various style fiber optic connectors can expand the utility of the instrument.

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