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Rainbow Bar

Multiple function 100X microscope can inspect ST/SC/FC/FDDI connectors with a single standard adaptor. This adaptor is interchangeable with the scopes standard head assembly for traditional straight on viewing and an "Offset" head assembly. The "Offset" head assembly is unique in that it gives the viewer an effective 200X/400X display of inclusions for flat or PC polished connectors while preserving the 100X resolution. In additions you can also use this head assembly for Angled Polished connectors. Simply rotate the angled connector until the image appears flat. A bonus feature of this microscope is it's 8X slide out loupe! The microscope, adaptor, and both head assemblies come complete under this part number. Order the optional SMA, D4, MU, LC, MJ and Bare Fiber adaptors separately for the ultimate in versatility.

Part Number Description
PK12-9025 100X Microscope
9025SMA SMA Adaptor
9025D4 D4 Adaptor
B9025BF Bare Fiber Adaptor
14MJ MJ Adaptor
15LC LC Adaptor
16MU MU Adaptor

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